CheckInMyHotel serves as a facilitator, providing an online platform for users to explore and book various accommodations, including hotels, home-stays, bed and breakfast options, farmhouses, and alternative lodgings. The information presented on the platform, such as hotel categories, images, room types, and available amenities, is sourced directly from the respective hotels. However, it's crucial to understand that this information is intended for reference purposes only.

In instances where there may be disparities between the visuals depicted on the website and the actual conditions of the hotel, users are encouraged to address their concerns directly with the hotel in question. CheckInMyHotel does not partake in the resolution process and bears no responsibility for such discrepancies. Our role is to facilitate the booking process, and any issues pertaining to the accuracy of hotel information should be resolved between the user and the hotel.



This User Agreement, in conjunction with the Terms of Service (referred to collectively as the "User Agreement"), establishes the terms and conditions governing the use of services and products offered by CheckInMyHotel.

Any individual ("User") who seeks information about or purchases any products or services from CheckInMyHotel through its various platforms, including websites, mobile applications, sales personnel, offices, call centers, branch locations, franchisees, agents, etc. (referred to collectively as "Sales Channels"), agrees to abide by this User Agreement. The websites and mobile applications operated by CheckInMyHotel are collectively referred to as the "Portal."

Both the User and CheckInMyHotel are individually referred to as a "Party" and collectively as the "Parties" to this User Agreement.

The "Terms of Service," available on CheckInMyHotel's website, outline the terms and conditions applicable to various services or products provided by CheckInMyHotel. Users should refer to the relevant Terms of Service applicable to the specific product or service they have booked. These Terms of Service are binding on the User.


Eligibility to Use:

To access and utilize the services provided by CheckInMyHotel, users must meet specific eligibility criteria as follows:

1. Age Requirement:

   Users must be at least 18 years old to register and use the services offered by CheckInMyHotel. It is essential to have the legal authority to enter into agreements to become a registered user. Individuals under the age of 18 are not permitted to register or engage in transactions on the platform.

   - *Note to Minors:* If you are a minor, any transactions or usage of the website must be conducted under the supervision or authorization of a legal guardian or parent. CheckInMyHotel reserves the right to terminate membership or block access to the website if a user is found to be a minor or lacks legal capacity to contract.

2. Acceptance of User Agreement:

   By accessing the website or utilizing the services provided by CheckInMyHotel, users are required to read and understand the User Agreement thoroughly. The act of accessing the website or engaging with CheckInMyHotel's services implies the user's acceptance of the terms outlined in this agreement. Failure to agree with any part of the agreement restricts users from accessing CheckInMyHotel's services.

3. Scope of User Agreement:

   The rights and obligations associated with services or products facilitated by CheckInMyHotel are governed by the terms outlined in this User Agreement. Users are bound by the provisions contained herein for any interactions or transactions conducted through CheckInMyHotel's platform.


Intellectual Property Rights:-

1. All the creative assets within our platform, including its technology, distinctive content, unique trademarks, and overall aesthetic, are the exclusive property of CheckInMyHotel (or its licensors). By engaging with our platform, users agree to utilize it solely for its intended purpose and adhere to the stipulations outlined below .

-  Users are expressly prohibited from monitoring, copying, scraping/crawling, downloading, reproducing, or otherwise exploiting any aspect of our platform for commercial endeavours without the express written consent of CheckInMyHotel or its licensors.

-  We maintain diligent oversight over all activities on our platform and reserve the right to block any individuals or automated processes suspected of:

  • Conducting an excessive volume of searches

  • Employing any device or software to collect pricing or other data

  • Engaging in any behaviour that unduly burdens our platform's resources.

2. When users contribute reviews or images to our platform, they affirm that such content complies with our Content Standards and Guidelines and warrants that:

- It accurately represents the subject matter without any alteration

- It is free from any malicious software or harmful elements

- They possess the legal authority to share it with CheckInMyHotel

- They hold ownership or appropriate usage rights to any intellectual property depicted

- CheckInMyHotel is granted permission to utilize the content for platform purposes and other commercial activities, including promotional efforts, across various media platforms worldwide, unless otherwise specified

- It does not infringe upon the privacy rights of any third parties

- Users bear full responsibility for any legal liabilities arising from the content submitted to CheckInMyHotel.


3. It is important to note that while CheckInMyHotel does not assume responsibility for the content uploaded by users, we retain the authority to remove any content at our discretion, particularly if it fails to meet the aforementioned criteria.

How We Use Your Personal Information:

The personal information collected is utilized in various ways to enhance your booking experience and provide tailored services:


During Booking:-

Your personal information, including payment details and traveller lists, is utilized to expedite the booking process. This includes confirming reservations, updating you on transaction status, and sending booking confirmations via SMS, WhatsApp, or other messaging services.


Customer Communication:-

We may use your information to contact you for service-related purposes, such as updates or changes to your booking, customer service inquiries, and special offers on birthdays or anniversaries.


Marketing Promotions and Programs:-

Marketing promotions, research, and programs assist us in identifying user preferences and enhancing user experience. This includes notifying developing promotions, and sending updates on fare sales, special offers, and new services.


Service Enhancements:-

We may use your personal information to add or enhance services on the website, facilitating the services requested by you. For instance, if you contact us with a question, we utilize your information to respond effectively and may store it to improve website usability.

Rest assured, your privacy and data security are of utmost importance to us. We handle your personal information with care, ensuring it is used only for specified purposes and protected against unauthorized access.


User Responsibilities

It is the user's responsibility to compensate for any damages caused, whether willful or negligent, to the hotel property by themselves or their accompanying guests. The hotel will assess the extent and cost of the damages, and the user will be liable to cover the expenses. CheckInMyHotel will not interfere in this process.

Users are required to present valid identity and address proofs during check-in. The hotel reserves the right to refuse check-in if valid identification is not provided.

Check-in and check-out times, as well as any changes to these timings, will adhere to the hotel's policies and terms. Requests for early check-in or late check-out are subject to availability, and the hotel may levy an additional fee for these services.


1. When you reserve a room, you're agreeing to cover the cost of your stay, which includes any applicable charges and taxes.

2. Some displayed prices may be rounded to the nearest whole number, but your actual payment will be based on the original, non-rounded price. Any difference is negligible.

3. Any obvious pricing errors or misprints are not considered binding. For instance, if a luxury suite is mistakenly listed at an unusually low price, your booking may be canceled, and any payment made will be refunded.

4. A crossed-out price signifies the original cost of a comparable room without any discounts applied, ensuring transparency in pricing.



1. Certain hotels may require an Upfront Payment or payment during your stay.

If we handle your payment, we (or our affiliate) will ensure the transaction is completed with the hotel. Your payment settles the due amount.

If the hotel charges you directly, payment is typically made upon check-in, although it may vary depending on the hotel's policy communicated during booking.

2. If an Upfront Payment is required, it may be collected or pre-authorized at the time of booking and could be non-refundable. Please review the hotel's Upfront Payments policy before booking, as it does not influence or fall under our responsibility.

3. In case of suspected fraudulent behaviour or unauthorized use of your Payment Method, contact your payment provider immediately.

4. With your consent, we'll securely store your Payment Method details for future transactions.

Payment for Bookings and Additional Payments:-

When booking a hotel through CheckInMyHotel, users have the option to choose between "Prepaid" or "Pay at Hotel" models, based on the offerings provided by the hotel on the CheckInMyHotel website.

In the "Prepaid" model, users are required to pay the total booking amount at the time of reservation. This includes the hotel reservation rate, taxes, service fees charged on behalf of the service provider, and any additional booking or convenience fees imposed by CheckInMyHotel. Users may also be given the option to make a partial payment to CheckInMyHotel at the time of booking confirmation, with the remaining balance to be paid according to the booking terms. To ensure security, users must provide accurate credit or debit card details. CheckInMyHotel reserves the right to cancel bookings at its discretion if incorrect bank or credit card details are provided by the user.

Certain accommodation providers may require users to present a credit card or cash deposit upon check-in to cover potential additional expenses during their stay. This deposit is independent of any payments made to CheckInMyHotel and is solely at the discretion of the hotel.

In the "Pay at Hotel" model, the hotel collects the entire payment upon check-in.


What if things don't go as expected?

If you encounter any issues or have questions, our Customer Service team is here to assist you. You can reach out to them through various channels such as accessing your Booking, using our app, or visiting our Help Centre, where you'll find helpful FAQs. To expedite the process, please provide the following details:

- Your Booking confirmation number

- Contact information

- CheckInMyHotel PIN code (if applicable)

- The email address used during the booking process

- A brief summary of the issue and how you would like us to assist you

- Any relevant supporting documents, such as bank statements or receipts.


Rest assured, all queries and complaints are logged, with urgent matters given the highest priority for swift resolution.